Censorship Cons

Cons of Censorship

  • Sugar coats real situations. Just because  there are things that people don’t want to see doesn’t mean they don’t happen in real life. If they want television censored, are they going to censor the news too?
  • It goes against the First Amendment that states that as Americans we have freedom of speech and freedom of press.
  • It prevents the free flow of ideas.
  • It may intrude on the privacy of a person.
  • “Withholding of information only leads to ignorance in the society.”
  • Leads people to see everything different. Just puts a facade on life.Censoring of information may lead to a wrong image perceived by the public.
  • Usually enforced under a dictatorship. It has no purpose in a “truly democratic society.”


  • Compromises entertainment value and the reality of books, movies, plays, or shows.
  • Sometimes people go to far and totally ruin the whole point of a show by censoring it.
  • Works against  globalization.
  • Works against creativity.
  • If you hide something from people they will become extra curious about it.
  • It gives rise to and hides human rights abuses.
  • Used to oppress and contain people.
  • Everyone has different beliefs and morals in their society and they can’t all be catered to through censorship.
  • It may be used to block legitimate criticism.
  • It is just another way for the government to control people when the people should be controlling the government.
  • Everyone prefers different things.
  • It stifles the opposition, broadcasting only a particular point of view. Always one-sided argument.
  • It is the people’s right to know what really goes on  and not just being told what they would like to hear. Sometimes the truth is ugly, but that doesn’t make it any less true. (Pillai)



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